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Board and Trains consist of basic on-leash or advanced off-leash obedience. Your dog will be able to perform the following commands: Come, Sit, Heel, Down, and Place (into crate) with distractions. Board and trains require a minimum two sessions after. Both the 20 and 35 days have two check in's included as well as the go-home lesson. All training equipment such as leashes, collars, and place cot's are included.

If additional time is needed to complete the board and train, the program will be extended free of charge until the behaviors are learned. 

Any dogs who finish our programs are encouraged to attend our weekly group training classes free of charge. 

Any package you select has a two-part payment schedule. The first half is due up front, and the second half is due upon pick up. Before starting training, the dog must be at least 6 months old, the owner must supply food, and all vaccinations must be current. Basic training can last for three weeks, while more in-depth training can be for six weeks or longer.

Training Packages


Dog assessment (first meeting) - $95

Individual Session - $90-$125 (depending on issue's)

6 Sessions- $575

10 Session- $950

Private Sessions

20 day - on leash behaviors (sit, down, heel, place) with distractions


35 day - off leash obedience, E-collar conditioning included


Board and Train 

$100/ Night (Based on availability)


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