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"Honestly- I’m just SO grateful to have met Barak. When we first met Barak, our dog was newly recovered from a serious dog fight which involved getting stitches across her face from a massive bite. After this incident, we noticed that our pup was very scared and triggered by other dogs. It was upsetting because before this, she loved to play with other dogs. It seemed like we would never be able to socialize her with other dogs again.

I hired Barak to walk my dog one day and it was the best walk she ever went on. Barak sent me videos of my dog following commands that I never in a million years could have gotten her to listen to. Blown away by his magic and sorcery, I knew I had to hire Barak to help us learn how to work with Ruth’s trauma. 

After only a few sessions, Ruth picked up on commands that have made our lives so much easier. She doesn’t pull, she can sit, stay, speak, and we are able to walk past other dogs (big and small) with such ease and confidence. I know that my dog is going to follow my commands and that I am able to control any situation that may come up. 

Barak is the only person I trust with my dog and I have referred so many people because I believe in his work. Training dogs is Barak’s PASSION. He has so much respect for the dogs he works with and his knowledge and experience is unmatched. 

If you want a dog with impressive behavior, Barak is a must. You will not regret working with him."

-Heidi, Owner of Ruth 

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"Finn and I are so grateful to have met Barak! As a 8month GSD, Finn was already so smart and I was able to tackle a lot of the basics of training with him, but we were hitting a wall with some aspects of socializing, not reacting in public to other dogs, finessing commands and understanding boundaries between work and play etc. In comes Barak and after only 4 weeks of board and train, Finn’s full potential was truly unlocked. Barak saw what Finn was capable of right away and knew exactly how to work with him to bring that out in positive way but also with a disciplined approach. He is now my go to for boarding while I’m often traveling for work, knowing Finn will have a loving home but also structure and reinforcement of his skills and training. Finn LOVES working with Barak as he knows how to engage his pack drive and tap into Finn’s desire to work while making it fun for him. He also taught me techniques so I can better harness Finn’s potential which makes our overall relationship so much better. We now go for off leash hikes (Barak e-collar trained him), play catch in the park and can sit at an outdoor restaurant with ease. I cannot thank Barak enough and I have a feeling he and his lovely fiancé Rachael (and their cute pup Riley) will always be a part of Finn’s life because they truly care and are invested in him, his happiness and progress. That is what makes a good trainer great and incredibly rare to find. We are so so grateful to have them as a part of Finn and my journey and I couldn’t recommend them enough!!"

-Maggie, Finn’s mama 

 "Words cannot express what an amazing dog trainer Barak is. When I first met the dog, I rescued he was scared of people and barked to cover his anxiety. I thought he was to wild for my family and me. Not only did Barak train him and calm him down, but he also trained me and taught me how to approach my dog with confidence. Barak is so patient and knowledgeable about dogs and their future owners. Now we are all trained and living happily. My dog Mars is so sweet and loving and Barak really did bring out the best in him. Not only did Barak train my lab mix rescue, but he also worked with my 8.5-year-old Shitsu terrier. He taught him to stop barking at every dog that passed us on our walk, a fear I that was also a big fear of mine. I had another trainer in the past, however wasn't able to accomplish what Barak taught me and my dogs."

-Stephanie, Owner of Baxter and Mars 

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"I got high energy pit bull puppy. She was jumping and attacking everyone from excitement and acting like a lapdog whatever that means. I don't think she knows how strong she is... After a few sessions, she is finally listening to us and this has made a huge difference. Its nice knowing how to communicate with my dog now. We are now working towards advanced obedience and we are very excited! He is also such a great guy to work with. Highly recommend."

-Tori, Owner of Roxy 

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