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About BAlbert K9 Services

Balanced dog training creating stronger relationships


BAlbertK9 strives to provide clarity between dogs and their owners. Based in the Bay Area, we aim to show owners the right tools and knowledge to get the results they wish with their dogs. We understand all dogs are different and one size does not fit all. BAlbertK9 looks forward to helping all dogs regardless of size, temperament, and breed!

The owner of B Albert K9 (Barak) has always been intrigued in dogs. As a child, his father would train his personal dogs as family pets and duck dogs. Barak's foundation in dog training stemmed here however, after school he moved to Los Angeles were he was fortunate enough to learn from great trainers such as Joseph Cinnante. Moreover, were was introduced to protection dogs and the protection sport PSA (protection sports association).

After his time in Los Angeles, Barak moved back to the Bay Area training pet and protection dogs. Always trying to learn more, Barak has great mentors in the dog community such as Ryan dabstab and Jennifer Bazan - who he works with on a weekly basis to sharpen his skills with his own dog.


The Pack

Passionate and Experienced

Barak Albert




Rogan! The bread and butter to B. Albert K9. Rogan is a great demo dog, protection dog, and competitor who is currently training to achieve his first leg in a sport called PSA.

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German Working blood line. Raider is my right hand man when it comes to the all around basic obedience, protection, and a stud in general

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Suki, her mother a cattle dog however her father is a duck dog. Suki is trained in duck retrieval work, scent tracking, and high level obedience. 

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