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Welcome to B. Albert K9 Services

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"I got high energy pit bull puppy. She was jumping and attacking everyone from excitement and acting like a lapdog whatever that means. I don't think she knows how strong she is.....But only 1 session, she actually listens us and made a huge difference. It is so nice to know that my dog actually listens to us. Barak is going to train her and us to do high level training and so excited! He is also such a great guy to work with. Highly recommend."

-Tori, Owner of Roxy

"Honestly- I’m just SO grateful to have met Barak. 
After only a few sessions, Ruth picked up on commands that have made our lives so much easier. She doesn’t pull, she can sit, stay, speak, and we are able to walk past other dogs (big and small) with such ease and confidence. I know that my dog is going to follow my commands and that I am able to control any situation that may come up. 
Barak is the only person I trust with my dog and I have referred so many people because I believe in his work. Training dogs is Barak’s PASSION. He has so much respect for the dogs he works with and his knowledge and experience is unmatched. 
If you want a dog with impressive behavior, Barak is a must. You will not regret working with him."
-Heidi, Owner of Ruth

 "Words cannot express what an amazing dog trainer Barak is. When I first met the dog, I rescued he was scared of people and barked to cover his anxiety. I thought he was to wild for my family and me. Not only did Barak train him and calm him down, but he also trained me and taught me how to approach my dog with confidence. Barak is so patient and knowledgeable about dogs and their future owners. Now we are all trained and living happily. My dog Mars is so sweet and loving and Barak really did bring out the best in him."

-Stephanie, Owner of Baxter and Mars 

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